The "Pavana Therapies" practice is based in Epsom, Surrey and is within half an hour's drive from most areas of Surrey and of South West London, including Sutton, Kingston upon Thames, Banstead, Caterham, Leatherhead, Redhill, Esher, Dorking and Reigate.

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Dowsing For Health

Dowsing for health is focused upon
the concept of homeostasis. In brief, each of us has homeostatic set points determined by genetic factors, age, gender, general health and environmental issues. When we are "conceived" we are given our initial blueprint for health, which is the basis for our overall health. How our health is developed throughout our lives comes from that old saying "you are what you eat" - hence, it is derived from the foods we eat!

Many of us live in a way which unbalances us and the electro-magnetic energy field around us.

When visiting a healer dowser, homeopathic remedies are used. These are made from plants whose energy has a 100% healing ability, or they are made from energy derived from the cosmos.

Dowsing techniques are used through the aid of a pendulum. With this it is possible to identify the existence of toxins or other causes of a problem. When the homeopathic remedies are applied to the body, it is also possible to cleanse the magnetic energy fields within and surrounding the body. This enhances the natural healing and balance of an individuals energy.

This work is based on the healing concept pioneered by the late Jack Temple - Pyrford, Surrey.


Initial Visit

£ 58.50

Subsequent Visits

£ 54.00